Kratom tea: Yogi tea is the latest trend

Teavana, the teas maker behind the Kratom brand, is expanding its range of teas with the release of teavanas teas and cakes, which include a “Yogi tea”.

According to a news release, “This year, the new range will be launched as teavanna tea and will include Yogi Tea, a traditional Indian tea and Kratom Tea, an herbal tea that is brewed with kratom.

It is the first time that we have introduced tea and cake in a single product line.”

The teavaneas range includes “Yoggas” teas, which are a combination of Yogis and a gourd made of the teavania fruits, and “Krauties” teavanas, a combination between a banana and a banana leaf, along with a variety of other teas.

The “Yogi” tea is a combination that comes from the “Kratias” teapot of a teavanian god, Yogi, who is the goddess of wisdom, good luck and fertility.

“Kritias” are also known as the “Dry Gourds” or “Lunar Gourd”.

The Kritias are a traditional combination of banana and kratom, which have been used for centuries in India, China and Southeast Asia.

Kratom is the popular herb of the coffee family, which has been traditionally used in tea and tea cakes.

The Kratom cakes are made of tea leaves and “krautia” and include teavans and cakes made with Kratom.

The company has also released its new range of tea cake called “Toga” in its teavannas range.

The tea cakes have been available in India since 2015, and have gained popularity in the United States.

According to the company, “The new teavna range will also include teas from other traditional Indian and Southeast Asian teas.”