‘Theres a new chapter in history’: Peace tea celebrates Jerusalem’s victory

The anniversary of the Israeli-Palestinian war has been marked with a huge number of celebrations, with teas being served, music playing, and many people enjoying the moment.

This is because peace has always been celebrated by the Palestinians, who have long claimed the land as their own.

But after a long and bloody war, the Palestinian Authority has decided to give the country’s people the chance to celebrate.

On November 25, a ceremony to mark the occasion was held at the Jerusalem Post’s offices.

The ceremony was led by President Mahmoud Abbas, accompanied by members of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Fatah and the Israeli government.

After the ceremony, the Israeli delegation, led by the minister of state for Palestinian affairs, Tzipi Livni, presented a joint declaration, calling on the international community to recognize the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The declaration said that the Palestinian cause has been an important and enduring pillar of peace in the region and called for a resolution of the conflict through peaceful means.

It said that peace is the only solution to the conflict, and that the Palestinians have always been an integral part of the solution.

Livni said that Palestinians were “always in the forefront of this issue and were always ready to fight for their interests, and in this context we have made the decision to recognize and honor the Palestinian nation as the nation of Israel.”

Livnic stressed that Palestinians are not interested in any political solution, and will continue to seek peace.

The PLO, a political organization founded in 1947, has been a leading force in the Arab-Israeli peace process, leading to a number of agreements and agreements with Israel.

The Palestinians have also been in the spotlight during the past few years, after Israel launched its military operation in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military said it was in response to rockets fired at Israel from Gaza and a Palestinian attack on a UN school.

The Israeli operation has left thousands of Palestinians dead, as well as many Israelis, most of whom were civilians.

Israel has also been criticized for not doing enough to protect civilians in the West Bank and Gaza.

After her speech, Livni praised the Israeli army, saying the IDF had “worked with all means to achieve our objectives,” adding that “Israel’s soldiers are capable of protecting and advancing the Palestinian people’s interests.”

Llama Al-Ahmad, a professor at the Institute of Contemporary Palestinian Studies, said that Abbas’s speech was “a great moment” for the Palestinian movement.

She said that in the past, Abbas had spoken “on the front lines of the struggle for peace,” but that he had been more reserved in the speech, noting that it was the first time that Abbas spoke to the international media about the peace process.

The Palestinian leader has said that he wants to end the conflict in the Palestinian territories and that “peace cannot come with the destruction of the state of Israel,” Al-Shawar said.

The conference came at a time when the Palestinians are still reeling from the brutal killing of three Israeli teenagers in the occupied West Bank, a week after an Israeli soldier shot dead an 18-year-old Palestinian man, allegedly for throwing stones.

Israel has been the target of an intense wave of Palestinian attacks in recent weeks.

Israeli authorities said that at least 40 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces on Wednesday, with dozens of others injured.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh called for the Palestinians to stop terrorizing Israelis, and said that they would be treated as human beings and not terrorists.

The PA, the official foreign policy arm of the PA, has accused Israel of violating international law with its recent military operations in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip and in East Jerusalem.

In a joint statement released on Thursday, Abbas and Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin called on the United Nations to establish an international commission of inquiry into alleged violations of international law by the Israeli military.

The statement said that an international court should be established to investigate the violations and bring Israeli authorities to justice, as Palestinians are suffering “the consequences of the illegal occupation of their lands, homes, and territories” and their “continued violations of the laws of war.”

It also called for “the establishment of a UN Security Council commission of investigation into the Israeli actions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.”

Al-Shabab, an Islamist extremist group that is a major enemy of the government in the PA-led government, has attacked Israelis in the capital, Damascus, and the neighboring southern city of Daraa.

The attacks have killed more than 1,000 Israelis.