Tea Katai is for the Tea Leaves

The tea katais are a way of healing that is not unlike the healing art of tai chi.

The idea is that you get into the pose and breathe into the leaves.

If you want to get in the posture and feel the leaves being pulled, you can do it with a tea kettle.

It’s a relaxing way to get into a more comfortable state.

Tea Katais can also be done by a group of people and there are several variations.

The most popular is a group meditation and a karaoke style.

The group practice is meant to be a meditation session and then the karaokas are performed.

There are a lot of different variations, and the idea is to start with a meditation meditation and then do the kata.

 The first time I did it with two people, they were really excited, and I really appreciated that.

When I did that with four people, the same thing happened.

You can go from one group meditation to another.

It feels very relaxing, you don’t have to worry about the tea being too hot, and you can still relax.

I really appreciate the karate approach, because it helps you get a good sense of what is happening.

You might be thinking that there are a few more steps that you have to take to get to a karate kata, but the idea of going through the whole karate practice in a kata is very helpful.

The first karate is a martial art, and it is very different from a traditional martial art.

You have to have some kind of sword, a katana, and a dagger.

The sword is your weapon, and that is what you want the katana to be, but you also want to be able to use the dagger, which is a dagger you hold.

You will have to learn how to put the dagger in your hand and then put it in your kata because you don