When is the perfect tea for your flat tummy?

Tea, tea, tea.

You’re going to love this one. 


I’m pretty sure this tea is a favorite among the tea connoisseurs and tea drinkers of the world.

This tea is made with milk, lemon juice, tea leaves, and a touch of salt.

If you love a good mug of tea, this is your cup of tea.

When it comes to tea, it’s important to consider the flavors of the tea.

Lemon juice or lemon zest can work with some tea leaves.

Tea is always sweet and savory.

I personally think this tea would be a great gift to any tea lover.

The tea has a lovely aroma and the flavor is very fresh.

 The lemon juice in this tea makes the tea so refreshing.

Tea lovers will appreciate this tea for its sweet taste.

The tea leaves are soaked in hot water and then ground.

It’s then ground and added to the milk.

While the tea is in the fridge, it is steeped in the milk for a few hours.

You can also add lemon zests or mint leaves to the tea, but I don’t think you need them in this recipe. 

This tea has some great flavor. 

In this recipe, I like to add some mint to the mix. 

The mint is a bit on the sweet side, but it does add a nice citrusy flavor to the lemon. 

After adding the mint, I add a splash of milk. 

Milk adds a nice sour, tart flavor to this tea. 

If you are a tea drinker who loves lemon zesters, this will be a good choice for you. 

You can add more lemon zester to this recipe if you like. 

Once you add the milk, it adds a lot of flavor to all the tea leaves and the milk gives it a nice tangy quality. 

One thing to note is that the tea needs to be very steeped for a long time. 

Make sure you let it steep at least 4 hours, or overnight, or for at least 30 minutes to make sure that all the flavors come through.

Once you pour the tea out of the milk jug, it has a nice aftertaste. 

Some tea drinkers have trouble with the tea going bad.

If that happens, you can drink it again. 

My husband and I enjoy this tea and I have it in a mug that he loves to add a little mint to it to add even more flavor.

Don’t let the tea go bad, because the tea should be good after all.

In this post, I’m sharing a tea recipe for tea lovers, the tea lovers of all types. 

Please, do yourself a favor and go ahead and read the tea recipe.

It is worth the effort. 

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And now, for my first recipe:  Tea Leaf & Mango with Green Tea and Mint Lemon Tea This is the tea I’m most proud of making. 

Green tea is great for those with flat tummies. 

Mint is an easy tea to make with just a few ingredients. 

For the mango, I added green tea and mint. 

When making this tea, make sure you have fresh lemon juice. 

Here is the recipe: The first time I made this, I didn’t have fresh lime juice, so I added lime juice to the bowl.

For the green tea, I used lemon juice from my local supermarket. 

On the recipe card, I wrote, “Make a tea with fresh lemon, mint and green tea.”

I like the green, green tea flavor.

I think this is a great green tea for those who like a little citrus. 

While making this, be sure to use a good quality milk for this tea as well. 

It should be fresh and free of pesticides. 

Next time, I’ll make this with fresh, organic, organic milk.

I hope this tea helps you to find the perfect cup of coffee, tea and lemon for your stomach and tummy. 

 I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making it! 

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