The Tea Guy is a twisted tea dude

The Tea Guys are a weirdly popular band in the UK and Ireland.

But according to a new article on the band’s website, they’ve turned their love of tea into a full-time career.

Teegan, who goes by the stage name Teegan, has a new album out, a tour, a TV show and a live show.

He also hosts a podcast, where he talks to the fans.

But unlike his previous self, Teegan’s not just talking to people he’s met online.

Instead, Teehan has been writing his own songs, and he’s doing it in a completely different way.

Teegan writes songs with words that don’t fit into any established genre, instead creating a weird hybrid of pop and R&B.

“I want to be able to create a song that is really unique to me,” he says.

While Teegan is still writing songs that fit into traditional genres, he’s also writing songs in the style of pop music.

The music is “pretty much like anything that is popular right now,” Teegan says.

“I have songs about my cats and my dogs, and songs about being a musician, and stuff like that.

But it’s more pop than R&am, more R&b than pop.”

He adds that he is interested in creating songs that sound like pop, too.

He hopes to make a living off the songs he creates.

“You know, it’s a lot of fun.

Teegan will also be creating a book of his own. “

But I don’t think it’s about money, I think it will just give me a bit of peace and quiet.”

Teegan will also be creating a book of his own.

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