What happens when your favorite drink is brewed with hops?

A new brewery is launching its brew with hops.

A lot of people have been asking about that lately, as brewers around the country have been looking to add hops to their beers.

So, we talked to BrewDog, the owner of Hop House Brewing Co., about the process.

Here’s what we learned:The process of brewing hops is a little bit different than brewing beer.

The ingredients are all fresh and ready to go, and you just want to make sure the beer is ready to drink, says Brian Treneman, BrewDog’s general manager.

The hops are dried and roasted, then mixed with the barley, water, and other ingredients.

The beer is then transferred to oak barrels.

The beer is transferred to the barrels for six months, where it sits for four months before being transferred to tanks for aging and filtering.

The resulting beer is filtered, and then put into bottles for bottling.

This is the first time brewers are brewing with hops, Trenemen says.

The company has experimented with different ingredients, but the hop’s characteristics and flavors have always been a big draw.

But the company is still exploring the potential of brewing with other ingredients, and the Hop House brewing team has also been experimenting with other flavors and styles.

“It’s a really cool process, and I think it’s something we could explore,” Trenman says.

There are two ways to brew hops.

The first is to use the hop itself, which makes for a cleaner brew, but also requires a little more time.

A brewer can choose to use a commercially available hop or a wild hop.

A wild hop is the only kind that can be grown commercially, Tresman says, but it’s the best option.

The second method is to mix the hops with water, then add other ingredients like yeast and spices.

That process can be done in any of a variety of ways, but Trenmans recommends that brewers experiment with these methods.

“I don’t know if we’re going to be using it more or less often than we have in the past,” he says.

Hop House is currently in the process of testing a new hop and adding it to its product lineup.

For now, Trianemans says the brewery will only be using its wild hop, and that the company plans to use its traditional hop to produce some of its beers.