Slim Tea: $25.99 per box in US, $65.00 in Australia

A box of Slim Tea has been available for a long time in the US, but now it is available in Australia.

The company is currently selling the Tea Box at $25 a box and in Australia, $60.

The price drops to $25 for a box of one tea per person.

The tea box is now available in all 20 countries in the world, but unfortunately for Australians it will not be available for Christmas or New Year’s Day.

Slim Tea’s website has not said if the price is being lowered on New Year and will be updating the site shortly. has posted the following statement on its Facebook page: “As always, the team at Skipper TeaBox is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our customers.

We will work closely with our distributors to assist customers in this situation.””

We are aware of some confusion in the UK and Australia, as we are unable to provide a specific number of boxes for sale in the states, and the number of orders being processed is not available in each country.

We will work closely with our distributors to assist customers in this situation.”

Skipping Christmas and New YearAs for Australians, the company’s Facebook page does not have any information on how many boxes of SlimTeaBox will be available in the country for Christmas and will not have a list of packages being shipped for New Year.

Slyvia’s TeaBoxIn India, SlimTea is also selling SlimTea in the local marketplace.

Sylvia’sTeaBox is a tea box, with a variety of flavours and tea accessories, available for $60 per box.