Kombucha Tea Lights are going to become the new way to cool your tea

A new way for people to cool their tea is on the horizon.

According to a new report from the Associated Press, tea lights will become the default method for coolers and water dispensers, making it possible to turn your ordinary teapot into a tea cooler.

The AP said the LED lights on most water coolers can’t handle the amount of heat that you can get out of a teapote.

A teapotion can easily get hot enough to damage a water cooler’s heating element.

Instead of replacing your water cooler with a tea heater, companies are now thinking about how they can provide a cooling effect.

Instead of using water to cool a teacup, people are using tea lights.

“You can imagine the potential for this technology to be applied to other consumer goods like refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and even refrigerators,” an industry analyst told the AP.

The company behind the new technology, Teacup Tech, is developing a smartphone app that will enable tea lights to be used to cool water dispenser systems, making them an integral part of everyday life.

Tektronix, a company that manufactures LED water cooler units, said the company is working with water-cooling companies to provide the technology for the new products.

The technology is being developed by a Japanese startup called Teacap Tech, which is known for its water-based water coolors and cooling systems.

The AP reported that the technology is designed to allow water-resistant and lightweight water dispensing devices to be more energy efficient and easier to install.

The teapots and tea lights are part of a wave of energy-efficient energy-saving technologies in the last few years.

The latest addition to the trend is a tea-driven air conditioner that is now available in Japan.

The air conditioners in the United States are still not quite as energy-friendly, but Teacopy Tech said it is developing an LED tea-cooler to be included in a new water-powered air conditioning system.