Tea Tree Shampoo is on the rise again!

Teahouses are becoming more popular, but not everyone is enjoying their new favorite shampoo.The tea tree shampoo is gaining more popularity as consumers look for a cleaner, more natural shampoo.A new study by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston found that tea tree products have a positive impact on women’s skin.The study …

Which tea is better for you?

The world’s leading tea brand is touting its latest line of sleep-friendly herbal tea products, which it says is good for you.Ginger tea is a powerful herbal tea that has been used for centuries to improve mental and physical well-being.It is widely known as a remedy for insomnia and is often used as a treatment …

Which is better: tea or coffee?

Coffee has been the best option for decades, but it’s not the only option for many people.According to new research, tea is the best drink for those who suffer from bloating and colic.Al Jazeera’s Sara Ghafoor reports from Tehran.

Why is Essiac Tea set to get an update?

Now Playing: Why is the world changing at the same time as our kids’ tea sets?Now Playing.Now Playing.: Essiac tea set to be updatedNow Playing: Essiac teas set to updateNow Playing.Now Playing.: New Essiac product set to arrive in stores later this monthNow Playing:: Essiac set to come to the US in late April